Eastern Conference For Workplace Democracy

Growing our Cooperatives, Growing our Communities
Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA
July 26-28 2013

2013 Workshops

Here is the schedule of workshops. A collective notetaking site has been set up for attendees to record what happens for those unable to attend the workshops.Locations will be provided in a handout at registration. 

Call for Nominations!

At each conference the Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy recognizes two individuals for their outstanding contribution to the Worker Cooperative Movement in the Eastern and Southern United States.  We invite you to submit a nomination in the category of Worker Cooperative Worker Owner or Worker Cooperative Developer or Educator.  Nominees may be any state in the Eastern or So





Sponsorship Opportunities

Founded in 1999, our bi-annual conference is one of the best places in the United States for individuals, non-profits, and economic developers to learn about the role that worker cooperatives can play in building a new, just, sustainable economy and how to make it happen.  Participants learn a huge variety of critical skills for successful cooperatives: from the nuts and bolts of star

2013 Keynote

Presenter: Deborah Frieze

The Age of the Network Leader: Effective Leadership in a Time of Speed, Unpredictability and Complexity

Crowd Funding

Online fundraising for Growing Our Cooperatives, Growing Our Communities.

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